Thursday, 10 August 2017

Opt for MiraDry Treatment for Excessive Sweating in Buffalo, NY to Stay Clean & Dry

Sweating is a natural process to keep the body temperature normal during hot summer weather when the temperature is high. It is common among all individuals. However, it becomes a matter of concern for those who sweat in excess. The problem of excessive sweating affects the life of an individual in several ways. People suffering from this problem try to avoid social contact with others and this leaves them with a feeling of distress.

There are many reasons for excessive sweating, such as anxiety disorders, medicinal side effects and infections. Depending upon the of cause, different treatment solutions are provided to the affected people. Ranging from non-surgical to surgical procedures, you can opt for any treatment option.

excessive sweating Buffalo, NY

At The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center (CVLC), doctors use a non-invasive procedure to reduce underarm sweat glands for treating excessive sweating in Buffalo, NY. With a latest and highly innovative device called MiraDry, medical professionals target and eliminate the sweat and odor glands permanently. MiraDry system uses electromagnetic energy to destroy  sweat glands and treat the region effectively without any incision or cut.

With so many treatment facilities available, MiraDry procedure is found to be the best treatment solution for excessive sweating because of the following reasons -
  •  Non-invasive procedure involving no discomfort or irritation during treatment.
  • Requires only 1 to 2 treatments to offer long lasting results.
  •  Highly reduced downtime.
  •  Permanent removal of sweat and odor glands gives immediate and drastic outcomes.

The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center (CVLC) is well known for treating excessive sweating through MiraDry in Buffalo, NY. With an objective to offer safe and effective results in cosmetic surgery and other processes in Buffalo, NY, it was founded in 1997 by Dr. Daniel Buscaglia. If you are suffering from the problem of excessive sweating, it is recommended to visit The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center (CVLC) to obtain advanced and non-invasive treatment facilities. Apart from this, experts provide various other cosmetic procedures. To learn more about us, you can call at (716) 632-5200 or visit

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